About US

Rocketts  Property Group Pty Ltd is independently owned Real Estate Agency specializing in residential and commercial sales and leasing. Our mission is to provide exceptional real estate service to each and every client.

We understand that our customers appreciate receiving the whole story, and we strive to be forthright and transparent in our communications with them. Because we are independent, we are able to find answers and resolve issues quickly, and we don't play by the clock. We believe that we are a valuable resource for our prospects and clients.

We are highly attuned to the connections between people and their communities. We are aware that choices that we make as a company affect the people who choose to live in the properties we rent, sell and manage.

At Rocketts  Property Group Pty Ltd , we work hard to build and retain a smart and compassionate team and to emphasize growth and learning. We enjoy providing a constructive experience for our staff and the opportunity to participate in the evolving Sydney real estate market.



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